Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

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– John Tuten, Chief Pilot, Honeywell
I was thoroughly impressed with Prevailance Aerospace's UPRT program. Their instructors are true professionals and do a fantastic job! I am very excited to continue our UPRT with Prevailance Aerospace.
– Marilena Sharpell, Senior Vice President, Global Aerospace
We are confident that Prevailance Aerospace is enriching the safety standard across a full spectrum of pilots. UPRT is an integral part of our SM4 Safety Program and we are pleased to have them as our UPRT provider.
– Frank Hippel, CFI, CFII & President of Walter's Mirror
We, as pilots, must be prepared. The training I've received has made me a much safer, aware and prepared pilot. I can't tell you how grateful I am to have found Prevailance Aerospace.
– Joseph Walonoski, Flight Operations Manager, PepsiCo Aviation
You can send anyone my way for a reference anytime.
– Michael Hales, Director of Aviation Programs, Delaware State University
Incorporating Prevailance Aerospace Part 141 UPRT into our DSU flight training has made a significant impact on the strategic safety of our students as future professional pilots. I could not be happier with the results to-date.
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Three hours of flight academics are...

followed by three training flights. Each flight includes a one-hour brief to address the specifics of that flight’s sequence of events.

Flight 1

An introduction to our aircraft and designed to familiarize students with the dynamic flight environment. This flight includes slow flight, stalls and an introduction to basic aerobatics.

Flight 2

With a controlled increase in stress, this flight includes more unusual attitude scenarios and an opportunity to consistently use the Composite Upset Recovery Procedure.

Flight 3

A methodical approach to Advanced Handling Characteristics and Spins, this flight allows each student to experience spins, spirals and recovery techniques for any given flight event.