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Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Aviation & Training - FAQs

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Q: Is this training transferable to my airplane?
A: Yes. The training you experience in an Extra 330LX is fully transferable. If you can maneuver and recover this high-performance aircraft, you will be able to correct your aircraft's unusual attitude or upset situation inflight. If you can safely execute basic aerobatics, you will be familiar and prepared for every unusual attitude.

Q: How much is it?
A: Prices vary from a single Aerobatic Flight to a full week of UPRT training for your flight department - contact us for a quote today and consider bulk bookings for cost savings.

Q: Is your training FAA Part 141 Certified?
A: Yes. Both our UPRT and CFI Spin training programs are fully certified.

Q: Will an FAA Part 141 Certified course reduce my insurance premiums?
A: Yes. Although we cannot attest to every underwriter, many of our clients have experienced reduced premiums after taking our UPRT course.

Q: What is the difference between your UPRT and UAT programs?
A: Our Upset Recovery Training (UPRT) program is the most robust of our instructional programs. It includes 3 hours of flight academics and 1-hour individual flight briefs before each of the 3 flights associated with the program. The 3-flight syllabus includes stalls, spins, aerobatics, upset and unusual attitude recognition and recovery. Each flight is videotaped and available for use in the debrief.

Our Unusual Attitude Training (UAT) program includes a 1-hour brief, a 1-hour flight and a 1-hour debrief. The UAT program covers a full stall series, basic aerobatics and unusual attitude recognition and recovery. The UAT program can also be conducted as a two flight syllabus.

Q: Can you bring your training to us?
A: Absolutely! We will bring aircraft and instruction to locations convenient to your training requirements and schedule.

Q: Is your training available to individual pilots?
A: Absolutely. We cater to every pilot, regardless of flight hours or specific airframe experience.

Q: How far out do we need to schedule this training?
A: We recommend a minimum of 30 days prior, but opportunities do open up, so please call and check on availability.

Q: How often do you recommend a corporate flight department or CFI take the UPRT program?
A: Initial and yearly recurrent training are recommended.

Q: Do you offer the training further South in the winter?
A: Yes, we often train in Florida during the winter months for the warmer weather.

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