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Unusual Attitude Training

east coast unusual attitude training program

Unusual Attitude Training Program

Avoid Loss of Control Inflight - Recognize & Recover from Unusual Attitudes

Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) accidents are the leading cause of all fatal accidents in General Aviation. The Prevailance Aerospace Safety Academy Unusual Attitude Training (UAT) course will teach you how to operate your aircraft at the edge of the performance envelope with the confidence to prevent LOC-I during normal flight operations and aerobatics. Your training will be customized to fit your needs. Our program is designed for corporate pilots, CFIs, experimental aircraft owners and students to enhance basic airmanship skills in dynamic flight regimes using the premier training aircraft: the Extra 330LX. Prevailance Aerospace has highly experienced CFIs and former military fighter pilot instructors available to teach the latest unusual attitude recovery techniques, safe execution of dynamic maneuvers and basic aerobatics.

Our Unusual Attitude Training program includes:

  • Aerobatic Maneuvers
    • Loops
    • Barrel Rolls
    • Aileron Rolls
    • Hammerhead Turns
  • Inverted Flight
  • High AOA & Deep Stalls
  • Extreme Attitudes

Our goal is to train you professionally and safely, at your own pace, while building a sound foundation of dynamic airmanship skills. These skills will prepare you for any given airborne contingency and will transfer to the aircraft that you fly on a daily basis. The Prevailance Aerospace Safety Academy UAT Advanced course also includes spin training. Our Introduction to UAT course is three hours, allowing time for a detailed brief, a methodically-executed flight and a thorough debrief where your learning will be reinforced. We are confident that you will find this flight training to be the most valuable training you have received and your best investment toward making you a safer pilot. Whether you are a student pilot, a builder finishing an aerobatic-capable experimental aircraft or a corporate professional, you will experience flight in a new dimension during your training. Safely expand your horizons - train with Prevailance Aerospace!

Our clients become safer pilots through development of these skills!

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