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Spin Training (CFI Spin Endorsement)

Spin Training & Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Spin Endorsement

Learn to Recover from a Spin - Learn to Teach Spin Recovery With Our FAA Part 141 Certified Program

The Prevailance Aerospace Safety Academy is your solution for CFI spin endorsement training. Our program educates CFI candidates on all facets of edge-of-the-envelope and out-of-control flight. The session includes a comprehensive overview of dynamic flight, spin aerodynamics and recovery procedures that will equip you with the knowledge to be able to properly train students. A flight in one of our 2014 Extra 330LXs will allow you to experience the full range of stall types and scenarios, practice spin recovery to proficiency, and to experience advanced spins and spirals. A thorough post-flight debrief will ensure your newly acquired skills are reinforced and that you learn the proper way to debrief your students on stalls, loss of control and potential spin situations. Our goal is to make you a more professional, confident and capable flight instructor, prepared to properly educate students and to safely handle any situation you may encounter while providing instruction airborne. This training is an invaluable experience! Take your instruction to the next level - train with the Prevailance Aerospace Safety Academy!

Focus Spin Training Skill Sets
  • Operation in dynamic flight regimes
  • Un-accelerated and accelerated aerodynamic stalls
  • Spin entry, development and recovery
  • Spatial orientation enhancement
Spin Training (CFI Endorsement) Curriculum Details
  • Introduction to slow flight characteristics
  • Un-accelerated and accelerated stalls
  • Nose high unusual attitudes and recovery
  • Nose low unusual attitudes and recovery
  • Introduction and practice of upright spin recovery
  • Demonstration of flat spin entry and recovery
  • Demonstration of spiral recognition and recovery
What Makes Our Flight Safety Program Different
  • 2014 Extra 330LX aircraft
  • Professional CFIs who are former military fighter pilots with significant aerobatic and out-of-control flight experience
  • Training conducted in Chesapeake, Virginia or the location of your choice
The best Mid-Atlantic option for your CFI spin endorsement training!

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