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Adventure Flight

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Adventure Flight

Take an Adventure Flight in an Extra 330LX - Experience the Ride of a Lifetime!

Stop dreaming and start flying! This is your opportunity to experience world-class performance, including yanks, banks, and maneuvers just like in a real “dogfight” in our Extra 330LX aircraft. Prevailance Aerospace has a fleet of the finest, certified, unlimited aerobatic aircraft that are just missing one vital component – YOU! Your Adventure Flight will begin with a thorough pre-flight safety brief detailing the specifics of the aircraft and your customized flight profile. You will then don your parachute and strap in for an incredible aerobatic experience - where you’ll take the controls and fly in excess of 225 MPH. Try a loop, a roll or any other aerobatic maneuver of your choice. It’s your flight and your airplane for the full experience! From a leisurely tour of the Virginia coastline to a high G maneuver approaching 10 times the force of gravity – you make the call!

The Extra 330LX is the perfect training aircraft for every aviator – from the curious novice to the highest qualified and experienced pilot - you set the pace! Our Adventure Flight is YOUR flight - we want to make it an unforgettable experience. Perfect for gifts, awards, corporate team building or dedicated thrill seeking!

Your Adventure Flight includes:

  • Our highly-experienced, former military fighter pilots and Certified Flight Instructors (CFI) will ensure your safety and facilitate your ride of a lifetime
  • Flight time dedicated to maximizing your experience – whatever you want to do!
  • A thorough pre-flight brief to cover safety, the geographic area and specifics of your flight
  • Video debrief of your experience (you keep the video!) and souvenir photo
Come take a spin with Prevailance Aerospace!

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