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Other Aviation Services

Offering Additional Aviation Services to Corporate & Government Organizations throughout the East Coast

Government, Military, & Commercial Support

Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC) Support

Prevailance Aerospace can supplement JTAC training by getting JTACs airborne! Joint Terminal Air Controller (JTAC) is the term used in the US Armed Forces and some other military forces for a qualified service member who directs the action of combat aircraft engaged in Close Air Support (CAS) and other offensive air operations from a forward position. Only by experiencing the “bird’s eye view” can JTACs effectively and efficiently manage the battle field for which they are responsible. This perspective will allow each JTAC to better communicate with airborne assets, convey a succinct description of the battle space and bring timely and accurate airborne support to troops on the ground.

Forward Air Controller – Airborne (FAC-A) Support

In a dynamic, low-cost and readily available platform, Prevailance Aerospace can support JTAC training as an airborne asset. This allows JTACs on the ground to train with former Navy and Marine Corps qualified Forward Air Controllers – Airborne (FAC-A). Our FAC-A team will give immediate feedback on every pass of every training evolution at a significantly reduced cost compared to using the tactical platforms themselves.

Live Fire Airborne Safety Observer

Safety Observers are paramount when working with air-to-ground live and inert weapons delivered on a designated target area. Prevailance Aerospace will ensure target areas are free of personnel, vehicles or obstacles prior to any bombing run at a fraction of the cost of using the actual tactical asset for a “dry run” and subsequent safety passes. Onboard smoke capability also makes identifying targets or target subsets easier and more expeditious when working with air-to-ground platforms.

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