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Corporate Flight Departments

Tailored to Your Corporate Flight Department

Your East Coast Solution to Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

The Prevailance Aerospace Safety Academy will help bring your corporate flight department to the highest levels of flight safety proficiency. Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) is currently the leading cause of flight accidents and fatalities in aviation today. The best way for pilots to combat this risk is through safety-focused flight training and an in-depth understanding of dynamic flight regimes. We have highly qualified CFIs with significant aerobatic and safety training experience to prepare your pilots for an effective response to every LOC-I situation. Utilizing one of our 2014 Extra 330LX aircraft designed to safely operate in extreme flight regimes, we teach transferable skills that will enhance airmanship skills of your pilots with spatial awareness and the ability to handle any aircraft in dynamic flight regimes. You will find this invaluable training to be an essential component in developing a highly professional, keenly focused, LOC-I threat-aware flight department. We are an FAA Part 141 Certified Program. Please see our Safety Academy links below in red.

We are committed to your aviation safety program. We will tailor a program for your pilots at your location. Call us at (757) 309-4572

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