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Flight Schools

Professional Training Programs in UPRT, UAT, and Spin Recovery

Increase The Training Opportunities for Your Instructors & Students

Prevailance Aerospace is ready to meet the needs of your flight school, your instructors, and your students. Let us help you differentiate yourself from your competitors by bringing robust upset prevention and recovery training (UPRT), unusual attitude training (UAT), and spin training (with CFI endorsement) to your school. Both our UPRT and CFI Spin programs are FAA Part 141 Certified. Your instructors and students will train in a fully aerobatic Extra 330LX, a platform we chose for its broad operating envelope and wide safety margin in all training maneuvers. Bring the training that the FAA has called its #1 priority to your flight school. We look forward to flying with you!

Increase your competency envelope, fly safer, and become a more confident pilot!

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