Adventure Flight

The Adventure Flight is an introduction to dynamic maneuvering in an Extra 300 series aircraft, an introductory level brief on the aircraft, basic mechanics of aerobatics, and the thrill of flight!


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We will bring the
training to you!

Meet us at these locations:

8-10 Sept	(Plymouth, MA – (PYM)
11-13 Sept	(Chesapeake, VA – PVG)
3-5 Oct		(Chesapeake, VA – PVG)
10-12 Oct	(Chesapeake, VA – PVG)
13-15 Nov	(Chesapeake, VA – PVG)
27-29 Nov	(Morristown, NJ – MMU)
5-7 Dec		(Boca Raton, FL – BCT)
12-14 Dec	(Chesapeake, VA – PVG)
19-21 Dec	(Chesapeake, VA – PVG)