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The Extra 330LX

The Extra 330LX: The World's Premier Aerobatic Aircraft

The Extra 330LX is an unlimited aerobatic aircraft designed for competition and aerobatic training. The design, flight characteristics, strength and versatility also make it the perfect platform for teaching Upset Recovery Training, Unusual Attitude Training, Spin Training, and of course, Aerobatics!

It has a two-seat, tandem (front-back) cockpit configuration, designed to have the instructor pilot (pilot-in-command) in the aft cockpit. The aircraft is designed around a steel-construction truss fuselage with high-strength carbon fiber/composite construction wings, empennage and landing gear.

The engine is a Lycoming AEIO-580, producing 315 HP at 2700 RPM. Cruise Speed and Maneuvering Speed are the same at 154 KTS, with a 219 KT Vne (never exceed). The Extra stalls wings level at 64 KTS

The Extra weighs 1,455 LBS empty, and has a 2,095 LBS maximum take-off and landing weight. It’s maximum fuel capacity of 49.4 gallons gives it an approximate operating range of 500 NM

Read more about the Extra 330LX at the Extra website here, or view/download the Extra 330LX brochure by clicking here.

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