By Vanessa Christie Chief Executive Officer Prevailance Aerospace
Imagine flying to work in a quiet, eco-friendly electric aircraft that takes off and lands vertically. Sounds like a dream, right? eVTOLs are not just a fantasy, they’re a reality. In this article, a veteran aviation professional explores the challenges and opportunities of training eVTOL pilots, especially in urban environments. She argues that eVTOL pilots need to be tested in a way that prepares them for the unexpected and the startle response. Read on to find out why eVTOLs are the future of transportation, but only if we have the right pilots to fly them.

June 2023

By Mary Bertolino Business Manager Prevailance Aerospace
“Aviation safety is crucial to safeguarding human lives and preserving public trust in air travel. There are many factors and components of aviation safety. Human factors, aircraft design, maintenance, air traffic management, operational procedures, regulations, training and education, to name a few…” Click through to read this article on the power of collaboration and the countless contributing factors that ensure safe flights not only for the well-being of passengers, but also the role they play in safety. Explore comprehensive safety measures, training programs, and how to minimize risks.

Prevailance Aerospace Celebrates Being Featured in the Empowered Program

Prevailance Aerospace is proud to announce that it has been featured in the Empowered Program, hosted by Meg Ryan. The program focuses on educational content to create new connections, innovations, and conversations that can ultimately transform lives. Prevailance Aerospace is honored to share its mission of improving aviation safety with a wider audience. For over 8 years, Prevailance Aerospace has been dedicated to improving aviation safety. Through its commitment to excellence and its focus on innovation, Prevailance Aerospace has become a leader in its field. Being featured is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team. We look forward to continuing our mission with you, for many years to come.

Every pilot is cool, calm and confident when it’s VFR with the autopilot on and an airplane functioning flawlessly. What happens when one or more of …

Safety and risk management—two concepts that likely are not the most scintillating to enter your day. Do not let that dissuade you. If these two notions are not at the forefront of every aviation decision you are making, it is time to…

How does a pilot truly get better? What drives us to get better or what is the event that triggers the awareness of our potential deficiencies?

The impetus and subsequent path to improvement comes in many different…

Hello, summer! With the COVID vaccine now readily available, the demand for travel is bringing back air traffic and the empty skies of 2020 will soon be a piece of aviation history. As we dust off our flight bags or update the iPad applications, be mindful that skill loss, albeit temporary, is a reality we need to contend with.

As you walk out to…

Opportunity. It is a concept that helps us cope with the constant change and the flexibility required to endure the pandemic. The aviation industry has been hit hard, and everyone associated with it is having to reinvent themselves in one way or another. It might be as simple as working remotely or transitioning to e-commerce, or maybe the entire scope of work has changed. Either way, the most effective transition supports the concept of opportunity.

The NTSB identified several new…

June 2020

Getting Back in the Flying Game!

By Mark Burgess Chief Pilot
We are living in unprecedented times. The COVID-19 crisis has essentially shut down many flight departments and training organizations around the globe. As the chief pilot of a safety academy, I too have been put to the test on how to get my instructors back up to speed after longer than normal times away from the cockpit. Every flight department…

Young Leaders Help Enhance NATO Decision-Making

Top-level young professionals from NATO nations, industry and academia gathered November 12th in Washington, D.C. to discuss how Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Quantum Computing and and other disruptive technologies can enhance NATO’s decision-making processes.

On its 70th anniversary, NATO is facing challenges very different from…

April 29, 2019

Most Valued Insurance Policy Ever!

The discussion of pilots’ over reliance on automation is in the forefront of most aviation accident investigations. With more than 19,000 hours as a pilot and over 11,000 as a…

January 29, 2019

Upset Prevention and Recovery Training: A Firsthand View

“Aircraft upset” is a term that no one in aviation likes to hear when it is used to describe a real-world event. It is a condition in which the…

Prevailance Aerospace Turns Training Upside Down

“Keep it in tight.” These words, sometimes uttered by frazzled tower controllers working busy traffic patterns, should set off a pilot’s internal master caution alarm. Loss of control is now the…
SM4 Aviation Safety Program

October 15, 2019

Global Aerospace, Inc. Announces the 2020

SM4 Aviation Safety Program

Embracing the critical issue of business aviation’s talent shortage

Global Aerospace, a leading provider of aerospace insurance, is pleased to announce the 2020 SM4 Aviation Safety Program. For over 10 years, the SM4 program has revolutionized the way insurance specialists help their clients achieve higher levels of operational safety. The newly refreshed program will include an emphasis on the critical issue of business aviation’s talent shortage which creates challenges in attracting, mentoring and retaining professionals who can safely manage, maintain, service and fly business aircraft.

In January 2020, Global Aerospace will launch its SM4 online safety learning management system (LMS) at no cost to its general aviation policyholders in the United States. To help our industry continue to support the talent of the future, its customized training courses will provide clients with the tools and knowledge to further develop and improve their understanding of safety management, professional performance and support their continuous improvement.

Marilena Sharpell, senior vice president, underwriting and operations executive at Global Aerospace comments, “As a leader in this industry, it is incumbent upon us to continuously improve and advance our SM4 program. The addition of customized online training courses developed in cooperation with our SM4 partners will provide a training roadmap to advance personal and professional development for new and existing employees. Studies have shown the more you invest in your employees, the more engaged they are, and the more likely it is that they will stay. This LMS program was designed specifically to address the critical issue of our clients’ ability to attract and retain talent.”

The 2020 Program will also provide Elite-level clients with a comprehensive, individual SWOT analysis of their flight operation in order to determine their greatest area of need. After a thorough review of the analysis, clients will be presented with customized safety service offerings from one or more of the SM4 partners. Ms. Sharpell added, “As Elite-level flight departments advance, we recognize that off-the-shelf benefits are a thing of the past. These clients need more targeted, customized benefits as they strive to achieve higher levels of operational safety. To address this need, the Community of Excellence has pulled together to create fully integrated customized safety services.”

Since 2010, the company has committed over $5 million to support SM4 and help its clients pursue higher levels of safety. Full program information is available on the SM4 website.

As a specialist aviation underwriting business, Global Aerospace is continuously developing customized solutions and services to benefit our clients and their brokers. To learn more about the 2020 SM4 Aviation Safety Program, visit the Global Aerospace Booth (#C9230) at the NBAA BACE Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 22-24, 2019 or contact your local Global Aerospace underwriter.