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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Just let us know the total number of pilots, rough timeline and we will provide you with a quote.

Yes. Prevailance Aerospace is part of Global Aerospace’s SM4 Safety Program and a partner in the Community of Excellence. We provide professional Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) services. Check out Global Aerospace’s SM4 program here:

Yes. We cater to every pilot, regardless of flight hours or specific airframe experience.

Prevailance Aerospace only uses Extra 300 series aircraft for training. Extras are the premier platform for this type of training as they are safe, stable, dynamic platforms allowing for the largest margin of error throughout the training process.

Yes. The laws of aerodynamics are universal. If you can manage startle and perform a recovery in an Extra 300 series aircraft, you will be able to bring that knowledge and experience back to the aircraft you fly regularly.

Yes. Both our UPRT and CFI Spin training programs are fully certified.

We recommend a minimum of 30 days prior, but opportunities do open up, so please call and check on availability.

There is no difference, however, the Part 141 training includes grade sheets for each flight and a written test following the academics training.

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