Upset Prevention & Recovery Training

Since 2016, Prevailance Aerospace has been a member of
the Global Aerospace SM4 Aviation Safety Program and
a partner in The Community of Excellence.

The Prevailance Aerospace UPRT course trains flight crews to recognize and recover from unusual attitudes and aircraft upsets. Each course includes three hours of flight academics dedicated to the following subject matter:

  • The Threat of Upset and Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I)
  • Transfer of Skills from the Extra 300 Series Aircraft to Your Aircraft
  • History of Upset Recovery Development
  • Definition of Aircraft Upset
  • Phases of Dangerous Flight Regimes & Out-of-Control Flight
  • Causes of Aircraft Upset – Environmental, Aircraft and Human Factors
  • Mishap Statistics & Analysis
  • Upset and LOC-I Aerodynamics – High Altitude & Swept Wing Theory
  • Upset and LOC-I Awareness and Prevention
  • Composite Upset Recovery Procedure and Techniques
  • Case Studies


followed by three training flights. Each flight includes a one-hour brief to address the specifics of that flight’s sequence of events.

Flight 1

An introduction to our aircraft and designed to familiarize students with the dynamic flight environment. This flight includes slow flight, stalls and an introduction to basic aerobatics.

Flight 2

With a controlled increase in stress, this flight includes more unusual attitude scenarios and an opportunity to consistently use the Composite Upset Recovery Procedure.

Flight 3

A methodical approach to Advanced Handling Characteristics and Spins, this flight allows each student to experience spins, spirals and recovery techniques for any given flight event.

One hour of flight time...

is anticipated to complete the full sequence of events for each flight. Each flight will be followed by a debrief focused on skills development. Wing, tail and cockpit video are also available to facilitate learning. This course may be taken as a Part 61 or Part 141 course of instruction.

Focused Skill-Set Areas

Knowledge – Our Upset Recovery and Unusual Attitudes Training introduces the aerodynamics, recovery procedures, and human factors behind LOC-I situations.

Spatial Orientation – Flight training in our specialized Extra 300 Series Aircraft introduces and reinforces basic dynamic airmanship that can erode over time while flying automated aircraft.

Unusual Attitude Recovery – Scenario-based UAT is practiced to proficiency in our unlimited aerobatic aircraft so that the sensations associated with actual flight are transferable to your specific aircraft. Simulators cannot duplicate the associated physiological demands!

Spin Recognition and Recovery – Accident analysis proves that the skills lacking in most aviators are those required to prevent and recover from spins. We provide safe and professional ground and flight instruction that is invaluable to the recognition and recovery of LOC-I situations.

We are committed to your aviation safety program!