Corporate Flight Departments

The Prevailance Aerospace UPRT course trains flight crews to recognize and recover from aircraft upsets and loss of control inflight (LOC-I). We work with Corporate Flight Departments to make our on-aircraft Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) possible regardless of the pace of operations for the flight department. Whether you want us to train the entire flight department at your location or send individual pilots to us, we streamline the scheduling, contracting, training and invoicing process. Prevailance Aerospace’s UPRT program is designed to augment a flight department’s annual training. Our goal is to counter LOC-I by providing a robust syllabus dedicated to both UPRT and spin training. Our on-aircraft scenarios provide a solid foundation to build upon with own-aircraft upset simulations and academics. Prevailance Aerospace also offers a recurrent UPRT syllabus for flight departments that have already experienced our initial UPRT program. Recurrent UPRT addresses regulatory updates tied to upsets, stalls, spins, and crew coordination, it analyzes recent LOC-I incidents, and provides further exposure to upsets, stalls and spins. We have references available, including flight departments that fly Gulfstream, Dassault, Cessna and Bombardier aircraft.

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Academic Institutions

Let us support you with a program differentiator that prepares student pilots for any given contingency! Prevailance Aerospace offers Part 141 Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) and CFI Spin programs that have seamlessly integrated into several university Commercial and CFI syllabi. We are vetted and approved by both the Richmond and Philadelphia FSDOs. We have a proven process that facilitates FSDO approval and fosters the ongoing FSDO coordination necessary to support long-term partnerships with university aviation programs.

Our goal is to counter the #1 killer in aviation – Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I) – by providing a robust syllabus dedicated to both UPRT and spin training. Our Extra 300 series aircraft are designed for safe, stable, dynamic maneuvering that provide the highest safety margin for this type of training, making it ideal in addressing and managing startle to counter LOC-I.

For the Commercial programs, Prevailance Aerospace trains students for three flights as part of their syllabus. The training includes six hours of ground instruction, three one-hour flights, debriefs and a take away training video that includes wing, tail and cockpit audio/video. One university has put an incentive in place to replace 12 of their Cessna 172 hours with 3 of our Extra hours as the leadership at the school believes our program provides the best training. The representing FSDO has supported that concept.

For the CFIs, the Spin program focuses on the spins themselves and how best to instruct in and out of each spin. The flight is a one for one replacement – remove one flight out of the university syllabus and replace it with a flight with us. We include a one-hour brief, the flight, debrief and another video that can be used as a future training aid.

Prevailance Aerospace also offers 30-minute Exposure Flights to academic institutions that want their students to experience dynamic maneuvering. In some cases, it is the first time that future fighter pilots and aerobatic pilots are exposed to G forces, spins and aerobatics. For those just entering the aviation industry, it is an eye-opening experience that provokes introspection and propels each pilot to each their goal.

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Prevailance Aerospace’s work with state, federal and military flight departments includes Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT), Spin Training, Unusual Attitude Training and Exposure Flights. We work with test pilot programs, state aviation departments, departments of conservation and forestry services.
Prevailance Aerospace can tailor a program that works toward the mission objectives of your unit, including UPRT, spin training, range safety, formation flights and low altitude training. Our instructors have decades of aviation experience in the military and civilian sectors. You will gain access to a group of true professionals who provide thorough briefs, detailed flight objectives and robust debriefs designed for professional development.
We will tailor a program to meet your needs. We have references to support the work that we have done to date and welcome the challenge of working with your pilot cadre.

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General Aviation

Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) is a worthwhile investment for every GA pilot to support ongoing professional development. As GA pilots, we invest a tremendous amount of time and resources into our initial training and the purchase of personal aircraft. Investing in professional development is the next step for every pilot seeking confidence in every flight regime. UPRT is the most valuable insurance you can buy as the experience itself will protect you and your passengers.
Our 3-day, 3 flight UPRT program exposes pilots to dynamic maneuvering and explores the edges of the operating envelope in a way that builds confidence and supports aeronautical decision making.
Each course includes three hours of flight academics dedicated to the following subject matter:

  • The Threat of Upset and Loss of Control Inflight (LOC-I)
  • Transfer of Skills from an Extra 300 Series Aircraft to Your Aircraft
  • History of Upset Recovery Development
  • Definition of Aircraft Upset & LOC-I
  • Phases of Dangerous Flight Regimes
  • Causes of Aircraft Upsets
  • Mishap Statistics & Analysis
  • Upset and LOC-I Aerodynamics – High Altitude & Swept Wing Theory
  • Upset and LOC-I Awareness and Prevention
  • Composite Upset Recovery Procedure and Techniques
  • Case Studies

The academics is followed by three flights that slowly increase your exposure to high angles of attack, stalls, upsets and ultimately loss of control. Our approach to these three flights includes a crawl, walk, run mindset. Flight 1 introduces you to the Extra 300 series aircraft and increases your comfort level maneuvering in higher pitch, roll and angles of attack than in your normal day-to-day operations. Flight 2 begins to increase your stress level with a methodical, scenario-based approach to upset training. By Flight 3, pilots are ready and able to take on any upset, unusual attitude, stall or spin with our Composite Upset Recovery Procedure.

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