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The Prevailance Aerospace Team is made up of highly experienced aviation professionals from various military and general aviation backgrounds. Our strength is derived from our breadth of aviation experience and our cohesiveness.

We work and act as a team, taking full advantage of our unique flight experiences and areas of expertise to provide the customer with an unmatched product. Prevailance Aerospace maintains its reputation for professional excellence by demanding the highest standards from its instructor pilots.


  • Thousands of flight hours in a wide variety of aircraft types and models
  • Multiple aviation combat tours of duty while serving in our military
  • Experience instructing at every level of General Aviation, including CFI, CFII, MEI, simulators and Line Check Airman for a major airline
  • Significant experience in tactical jet aviation, including graduates from the Navy Fighter Weapons School (TOPGUN)
  • Extensive experience in the dynamic regime of Navy aircraft carrier operations and day/night carrier landings
  • Real world experience managing ‘Startle’ and ‘Surprise’
  • A safety focus that supports everything we do

At Prevailance Aerospace, we know that successful aviation endeavors are accomplished through an uncompromising commitment to safety, a solid vision, impeccable professionalism, tremendous attention to detail, and constant improvement. We look forward to bringing our aviation services to you.

Our Team

We are committed to your aviation safety program!

Vanessa is a U.S. Navy combat veteran who spent the majority of her active duty time flying and instructing in the F-14 Tomcat. She is an active private pilot and dedicates her time to countering the #1 killer in aviation – Loss of Control Inflight. Prior to her current role as the CEO of Prevailance Aerospace, Vanessa spent more than a decade working in the Defense Industry as a systems engineer, program manager and international business executive. Vanessa is scheduled to retire out of the Navy Reserves in 2022 and is currently serving a gubernatorial appointment on the Virginia Aviation Board.
Mark is a U.S. Naval Academy graduate and career Naval Officer flying F-14 Tomcats. He has extensive combat experience flying in Operations Southern Watch, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom. Mark was an instructor pilot in the F-14 A/B/D and T-34C, and also served as the Navy’s F-14 Demonstration Pilot for the 2000 and 2001 airshow seasons. After retiring from the Navy, Mark flew the L-39 Albatross in airshows and contract support to the military for Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) training. Mark is now the Director of Operations and Chief Pilot for Prevailance Aerospace and also flies the T-6/SNJ with the Geico Skytypers.
Mary joined Prevailance Aerospace with more than 12 years of Management, Customer Service and Sales experience. As the Business Manager, she is responsible for Business Development and supports both Operations & Administration departments. Mary’s unique skillsets complement our holistic approach to pilot professional development as the premier Flight Safety Academy countering Loss of Control – Inflight. Mary is also heavily involved in her community volunteering in the Virginia Beach school system and was voted 2019 Volunteer of the Year.

Mike is a veteran Naval Aviator with extensive experience flying combat operations worldwide. During his 30 years of military service he has accumulated over 4000 flight hours conducting reconnaissance, airlift and pilot training missions in the P-3C Orion and C-9B Skytrain aircraft. Mike has also served extensively as an Out-of-Control Flight Instructor and Wing Standardization Check Pilot in the T-34C Turbo-Mentor aircraft. He is currently qualified to instruct in 11 aircraft models including Aerobatics and Tailwheel instruction in the Citabria, Mudry and Great Lakes aircraft. Mike specializes in teaching Upset Prevention and Recovery Training in the Extra 300/330 aircraft.

Marty worked his way through his private pilot’s license in Denver in Cessna 150s while in high school and later graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering from the US Naval Academy. While in the Navy ,he was a Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor and flew over 2000hrs in FA-18 series aircraft. He has continuously stayed active in general aviation as an aircraft owner and CFI and when not flying with Prevailance Aerospace, he can be found at home with his family, flying for an airline, at aerobatic competitions with his Pitts Special, or singing in the church choir.
Mike’s aviation career started as a high school student at a small airport in the Sierra Nevada mountains. He pursued his passion as a Naval Aviator, and a Navy Test Pilot in several aircraft to include the F-14. Mike’s diverse aviation background included time with unmanned air systems and tours flying multiple civilian platforms in the Naval Special Warfare community. He honed his instructor skills in military roles as well as time in a civilian flight school teaching multi-engine and ATP preparatory flights. Mike currently flies as an airline transport pilot with a major airline when he is not instructing with Prevailance Aerospace.

Chris grew up surrounded by aviation and is a third-generation pilot. He earned his is Private Pilot Certificate at the age of 17 and currently serves as a Captain, Line Check Airman and Test Pilot for a major airline. With more than 18,500 hours of flight time, Chris has flown over 100 types of aircraft; he has towed aerial banners, served as a flight instructor, and worked as a charter and night freight pilot. Chris is also a member of the “GEICO Skytyper Air Show Team” and serves as the #2 Pilot/Right Wing. He also enjoys competition aerobatics.

Ashley grew up in an aviation family and after 15 years working various positions on the corporate side of airlines, she made the career switch to become a professional pilot. When she’s not touring the world in the Airbus, she can be found around the local airport in the maintenance hangar, working towards an A&P license, specifically focused on keeping her 1960 Comanche in youthful condition. After months of gawking at the Extra 300 and desperately wanting a ride in it, she joined Prevailance Aerospace, providing operation support to students and became a graduate, and advocate of the training program. She got hooked on flying outside the envelope and is now dreaming of becoming an aerobatic pilot.

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